Party Ideas: 7 Confetti Looks

Nothing beats throwing confetti at a party. Who cares about the hassle of cleaning up the confetti? Its confetti, its everyone's favourite! 

So here's 7 different Confetti Looks you can work with your desserts for your party! You save yourself the sweeping, and just worry about the eating!

Let's get the ideas rolling!

1. Confetti Cookie Dough Cupcakes

I always love the idea of cupcakes than cakes when it comes to children's party. It makes serving a much simpler job. Its definitely more tidy than cakes.
Check out Sprinkes for Breakfast for recipe here!

2. Confetti Infused Cake
But of cause when it comes to the adults, we all can handle cake. Its the most matured thing to do. Uh huh!
There are tons of sprinkle cake recipe out there. Its just sprinkles and cake batter. Feel free to use your own favourite recipe, its optional to dye your cake batter, and just throw in a cup full of sprinkles!
You can check out Sprinkle Bake recipe  here

3. Confetti Cake pops
Cake pops makes a fun alternative to cupcakes! It surely makes the event a ball of fun eh!

4. Confetti Tier Cake!

This was absolute eye poping! I love the way the confetti are decorated on every tier, in a volcano shape. Its simple, its unconventional, its beautiful, and most importantly, its able to feed the crowd!

Check out more wedding cake inspiration from Wedding Chicks here!

5. Confetti Cake-In-A-Jar
Cake in a jar, its the best cake-together moment. If you are hosting a party, this is one simple, interactive and fun activity to get your guests of all ages to make their own confetti cake-in-a-jar! Its never going to be boring:)

Learn how to right here with Pop Sugar

6. Confetti Cookies!

Since we have got a plenty of cakey- desserts. You can't leave out the crunchy!
Check this amazing recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I have been an avid follower of her creations from savoury to sweets. Tried and tested a few, you can't go wrong with this one!
Cookies are probably the simplest to prepare. The preparation time does not take long. You can always prepare them in advance, store them in a freezer (able to keep up to month). When required, move your cookies down to the fridge to thaw a few hours and then to room temperature to serve! 

Check Recipe here

7. The Happy Birthday Cake by MilkBar 
This is a to die for!I love everything about Milk Bar, and that includes Christina Tosi - from the baking to the layering of textures. To me, this cake is a fantastic example of a perfect birthday cake. You got practically everything you want in a cake, the cake, the milk soak, the crumble, the confetti, the frosting.

Try her recipe here!

So now you really got no excuse to color-fill your party with these 7 amazing looking confetti desserts!

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