KL Workshop - Cake Decorating 14th & 15th April 2018

We are happy to share that we will be having our first KUALA LUMPUR Workshop with @shaunteocreations!
We will be having 2 workshops held on the 15th and 16th April 2018. There will be 2 designs that we will teaching:
1. Buttercream Cactus and Floral Cake & Cupcake 
2. Peranakan Inspired Cake 

14th April 2018 (Saturday)

Each participant will get to take home a 6" decorated cake and 4 piece decorated cupcakes.

What you will be learning: 

1. Creating your color palette
2. Rose and leaf piping techniques
3. Color Blending Techniques with Green
4. How to pipe cactus and succulents
5. How to stack and layer your cake sponge
6. How to create a rustic-spread cover
7. Decorating and arrangements
8. How to create and arrange cactus + bloom cupcakes

Each class will take around 4.5-5 hours. 

Our love for greens has spread to our cakes and desserts, and we are never shy about it. Creating such designs is the first step to understanding the importance of color mixing. Color mixing is a term used when we blend 2 or more colors to create different color tones or variant. Why is it important? When dealing with decorations that are filled with a single color, we need to make sure there is a color variation for each blooms or cactus (or succulents) to be differentiated. It allows your design to look more 3-dimensional and ALIVE!

Join us for this full buttercream class and learn how you can work with colors and put your piping techniques to good use! 

15th April 2018 (Sunday)
Each participant will get to take home a 6" decorated cake.
What you will be learning: 

1. Cake layering and covering techniques
2. How to create Emerald Green with color mixing
3. How to paint with buttercream 
4. Creating and painting with wafer paper
5. How to pipe apple blossoms
6. Decorating and arrangement 
Each class will take around 5-5.5 hours. 

The choice of colors plays an important role in cake designing.  How are we going to transfer the culture and essence of a print onto a cake? Colors. Before I get to my color palette, I gather the images of different fabrics and textiles together. I made my comparison and chose Emerald green as my primary color. Reason being, the richness of its color is able to create distinct contrast with the painted flowers, and most importantly, when everything is placed together, the colors resonates. It becomes identifiable. 

The idea behind the Peranakan inspired cake was gotten from a batik print. The bold and bright colors used in the flower prints on the fabric were subtle and complementary to one another. We wanted to recreate and transfer the look and feel to a cake. We spaced out the floral paintings to create a pattern from a distance. The hand-piped blossoms bring the painted prints to live. To finish the look, we crafted red blooms made out of wafer paper to be placed at the top.

Join us for this class to learn how you can paint with buttercream to create visual art. From mind to cake, there are endless possibilities on what you can create with colors. The sky is your limit. 
How to sign up?

To find out more about our class rates and booking, WhatsApp @shaunteocreations at
+60 16333 1171.
You can view his IG profile here.

See you there!

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