Cake Share: Let's Break Boundaries

Boundaries- having to stretch one's limit/jump over the wall/realizing a new purpose. It had been a roller coaster ride with Cupplets with not just the baking, but with the planning, designing and creating. Every time when we looked back at our instagram posts, we surprised ourselves with the things we do overtime.  The process of encouraging creativity is essential I believe in any business. It makes work a little less mundane. It creates change. And most importantly, it pushes one to try.

Just like any start up, we started really small. Like many who we can relate to, we started from baking from home. We were comfortable. Well, how many bakers at work has the free space and freewill to sit down on a comfy sofa and watch Friends and whip cream all at the same time. If you didn't like it, you can skip the day, and do it tomorrow. I could make a clear comparison based on the experiences we have. We were less driven then for the many reasons:

1. We didn't had to worry about the bills. Come on let's be honest here, you are working from home. You don't get the bills, but you got a long bill worth of nagging from your parents. In exchange for rental and water & electrical bills, its worth it.

2.  You get too comfortable with your surrounding. You got a bed right there or the couch & tv just outside. You can sleep and watch tv as and when you want.

3. There is no one around you to rush you to finish up what you need to do other than yourself.

4. Your only responsibility- just take care of yourself & make sure you earn sufficient for the month. Sufficient I mean able to cover the daily simple meals and occasional lattes, and little shopping.  Not that we couldn't care less about paying ourselves properly. We were clueless and unaware of the how-to to moving from baking as an interest to baking as a business.

5. Distractions gets louder. When we worked from home, we had ample time checking our facebook, watching youtube, arrange a date out with friends or search for cafes to chill (like we were not chill enough).

So moving to where we started, boundaries.  No one likes change, but we have to agree sometimes changes need to be made to create new opportunities, new openings to a better beginning. The beginnings are always a little jerky and unknowing, thrilling and exciting.
Let's get started with the 5 ways you can take on to breaking your own boundaries when working from home!

 1. Change your perspective. 

Many a times we didn't achieve what we wanted to achieve is probably because we, ourselves, think we couldn't make it.

We often give our attentions on envying the success of others, but 2 cents worth of praises on ourselves. We become overly critical about what we do wrong, but we neglect the amount of effort we put in to make things right.

Learn to give yourself some full credit of what you are doing.

Change your perspective.
"She is better than me."
I can do better!

 2. Take effort to improve your craft.
I started piping 7 years ago. It was a horrendous experience. The flowers I piped kept melting. They turned out squarish. They looked more like a creature than anything beautiful. The word "nice" didn't come near.

You had to keep going and trying. I learnt floral piping through youtube channels. I spam and searched as many videos I can from "how to pipe buttercream rose" to "korean buttercream flowers". I watched it on repeat mode.

By watching, you are learning.

Go pick up a workshop and start practicing.

And when you reach a point of being good at something, eventually you will create your own style of work. Its never going to happen overnight. Give it time. 

Workshops we do:

 3. Start searching for inspiration
I truly believe inspiration moves the soul. We are all different. What catches your attention, may not catch the attention of the other.

Our instagram has been filled with so many amazing people who have inspired us. We are always on the phone at work- checking our instagram updates and references. We are more frequent on IG than facebook. So we made a conscious effort to be more proactive on our instagram to search for new inspiration with colors and design.

If you are like us, always on the ball on IG. Start searching and following crafters who inspires you.  Inspiration keeps the flow going, it helps us to become more creative- making works from other works. 

 4. Start getting organized. 
Being organized can be a pain for some (for me!)
Start some where. I started with a notebook to pen down the things I will need to do or random ideas that pop out from my head.

If you hate punching holes, get a folder with those plastic slots. Start filing your invoices. It will help make sense with the dollars and cents.

At the end of the day if you are running a business, make sure you do your basic calculations.

Sometimes we get so caught up with wanting to expose ourselves with opportunities, we neglect our finances. Organizing helps to draw a border between your cost & profit and self thoughts. Know what you are able to give with what you set aside. I always find it better to pen down the numbers and ideas to see if its feasible. Writing really helps stimulate the thinking process. Try! Hack the "save notes on your mobile"
Plan, Organize, Execute

 5. Be Daring to Take On New Approach to your Crafts

If you feel like trying on a new idea, do it. Who would have thought having a grey colored cake for a birthday would turn up to be a trend?

Get your social media platform nicely done up. Doesn't matter if you have a pathetic number of followers (we had less than 100 before we started). Just have it done.

Start sharing your creations. Allow people to view your works. There will be people out there who will appreciate your work, your journey, your effort.

You got to get things moving. Try on new projects, take on a collaborative opportunity, and create new works. When you start moving, your crafts moves with you. And that's the beauty of it.

Let's set 2017 an amazing new start. Don't fret so much about the "what-ifs" and work on the "how-abouts". Just do it!

Good luck!;)

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