Mustard, the Alternative Yellow

When you can't get gold, get Mustard! Yes! We are all for Mustard! It is not one of those colors that you will fall head over heels for. In short, its not love at first sight. But hey, give it time. You'll soon get cozy with his warmth. We know how blush never fails. Its soft and romantic, and it gets you every time. If blush ever needs a partner, mustard will be perfect. 

 Mustard is different. Mustard grabs hold of your attention, and never leaves. It hold you by sight, and slowly lingers down your heart. It gives a little fuzzy feeling when you gaze at it. Stare a little longer, and you'll discover the character of its color- down to earth, courageous, kind and fun.  

How can you achieve Mustard color on your cakes? 
As you all know, we used Ameri Color gels all the time. For our yellow, we are currently using Chef Master. So to achieve a rich mustard yellow color, create a bright warm yellow base by mixing yellow and a hint of yolk yellow (Ameri color). Mix it well. So here is the secret. Ameri Color Electric Purple. Drop your purple color on the side of the bowl, and slow blend in the color with your yellow until you get the right  color density of mustard ! Voila!

But Mustard is such a strong & difficult color to work with! What can I do? 

Alright, I do agree that Mustard may not be a favorite color to all. Some call it "dirty yellow" or
"old lady color". The color density may be a little stronger than your regular yellow. It can pose some challenge.

So here it is. First let's change our perspective. Dump the naysayers and gather some optimism right here. I love mustard for its richness, and vintage personality. Your reasons for liking the color may be different from mine, but hey, just embrace it. Now that you got some faith and good vibe, breathe in, and color on.

We don't have to overdo things with everything mustard. So here are 2 tips when working with mustard!

1. Mustard works perfectly fine with other colors. 

Mustard is an individual on its own. In our single rose cupcake, we had a blend of dusty pink and blue roses, we added some random pops of mustard yellow roses to spice things up. You can partner it with other colors like purple, red, green, whatever you like! 

2. If mustard is your primary color, go funky with it!

Mustard is a bold color to begin with, so if you want to create a fun cake, the one key thing to note, is to not overdo it. What I meant by not overdoing it- don't throw in too many colors on one cake. You would want to create a simple color palette so that the cake focus is still there and not all around the place.

So over here, in our Birthday Cake, mustard is the primary color. Since its a fun and cheerful cake, we worked with an electric color tone as a supplementary. We used a hot pink color to funk it up. Since there are already 2 bold colors used, we tone down the decorations with pastel blooms and decorations. 

Not enough mustard?
 Lets look at how we can include them in your wedding moodboard! Check out greenweddingshoes over here:

Botanics + Butterflies: Edgy Southern California Fall Wedding Inspiration

Okay, enough of mustard! We got some news to share! Yes! We have 2 new designs up our website!

1. Dreamy Marble
Click here
Available in 5", 6", 7" and 8"

2. Cactus & Wreath
Click here
Available in 5", 6", 7" and 8"

We have been getting a lot of requests for our forest wreath cake throughout the year. We love using herbs on this one. Rosemary and thyme are our favorite! The idea of our forest wreath cake was to mimic the free-spirited and the love for nature. 

This 2 tier forest cake was our very first design we did last year, March. 
From one cake to another, we decided to have it as part of our freestyle tier cake on our website. 
Now we have them in single tier size. Click here

That's it from me for now:)
Good luck with Mustard!

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