Semi Naked (cakes), but dressed

Rustic cakes are beautiful and give off a dreamy bohemian vibe. Planning for an outdoor event, but unsure on the type of cake to get? We recommend the fuss-free Full/Semi Naked Cake! Unlike fondant or full buttercream cakes, these fuss-free cakes have minimal buttercream coverage on them hence being a great cake to have in humid climates like our sunny island! There are many ways to achieve that ethereal feel for a cake that could become the finishing touch to your event, and here are some of our favourite kinds of Semi naked cakes!


Fully naked cake works well with fresh flowers. Because of its bare minimum exterior, it makes a better choice for an outdoor event. 

Want to add a message on your cake? Invest in a simple custom wooden topper to accessorize your cake! 
For local dealers, you can check out KCottage Studio via Instagram. 

For all you chocolate lovers out there, look below for inspiration! For contrast, you can consider matching your cake with white or pastel coloured blooms on a chocolate naked cake!

If you are not a fan of flowers, do away with it! You can still have them look beautiful! Dress your cake up with fancy piping works in between the layers of your cake like the cake seen below, and complete the look with a simple yet elegant topper

Blooms and toppers are not the only decorative pieces you could use on a naked cake. Berries bring contrast to a naked cake too, giving it a beautiful fall vibe like this chocolate sponge cake below


For those of you who find a fully naked cake too naked for your eyes, go for the Semi-naked look! Just like the naked cake, fresh blooms can be used to dress your cake up too. 

Catering for a huge party and have a multi-tiered cake ordered for the party? Switch up the way you decorate your cake by placing fresh blooms in between tiers to give it a different look

Succulents are a huge favorite for me. They create such a minimal and contemporary look against a plain background. If you are working with fresh succulents, make sure you have them washed cleaned, and used a small amount of fondant to cover the base, and placed them on your cake. By doings so, it prevents your succulents from coming into contact with your cake!

Alternatively, you can make them with fondant too!

Now that we have introduced the different ways you could dress your semi-naked cakes up, it's time you try it out for yourself! Here is a tutorial you could refer to while constructing your cake!

Have fun!

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