Cake Leveling 101

Cake, most of us eat cake. There are times, we just want to make our own cake rather than buying it off the shelf. You want to get a little more hands-on and creative. And halfway through the process, you question, "what the sh** did I got myself into?!!"

Hold on right there!

Like all the cakes we do, the very first thing we need to get ourselves familiar with is -

Leveling helps to make sure your cake is EVEN before you start covering your cake in cream. 
Most of the time, we just stack the cakes off right off the pan even when there is a dome crack protruding right in the middle. 

To get a perfectly even and covered cake, we need to make sure the cake structure has a flat top.

We always get the same question:
"I can't cut the dome, the cake is so fragile, it splits apart!"
"I can't handle the cake, its too soft, I am so afraid I will over-cut the top!"

The most important tip to this:


Like any cakes that is just out from the oven or baked on the same day, they are too soft & crumbly, and that's the reason we have to set it in the freezer! Never store them in the fridge, you will be drying the cake out. I play it safe, I store the cake in the freezer overnight. 

Do you know? 
You can keep your cake up to 1-2 months in the freezer. 

So why must we set them?
When the cake is set and cold, they are more firm, ensuring your cake crumbs are all compressed within.  But of cos once you remove your cake from the freezer, you need to let it out for 45 mins to an hour to thaw before you start using a bread knife to trim it. It makes the leveling less messy, and prevents your cake from falling apart!

Not sure how to? 
Check out KITCHEN CONUNDRUMS BELOW on how to level, layer and fill your cakes!

Next time, when you feel a little adventurous and you want to do your own cake. Don't skip the simple step of leveling your cake before frosting them to get your cake on point! Good luck!

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