Our weekend passed so fast just like that! We were occupied with running 2 workshops at Funan Showsuite located at Highstreet both Saturday and Sunday!

The workshop rooms are so well designed with a long work table, multiple plugs and spacious drawers to fit all our materials. Best thing, toilet is nearby to wash our creamy hands from all the buttercream fun that we have all gotten ourselves in! 

So let's dive right in our Workshop Day 1. 

 Both our workshops focus on the basics of buttercream piping. If you have little or no experience with piping, we would recommend to join us in our next DIRECT FLORAL PIPING CUPCAKE workshop. During the 4 hour course, you will be introduced the fundamental tools and key points on handling a wave floral tip. 
 We will work with you step by step from handling a piping bag, and slowly moving up to coordinating your floral nail.

As we progress through the 3rd hour of the course, we see great improvement in our participant's work. We started with the easiest flower which is the scabiosa, followed by a large open rose. The last floral piping is the most challenging among the 3 during this basic course- the triple rose bouquet. We went through the basics of color blending from the first flower to the last.

From left, white scabiosa, maroon open rose, pastel pink triple rose bouquet (bottom right).

Next up, will be our Day 2 workshop!

Amazing work from one of our participant, Tanya! *clap!*

 For our Fun Floral Buttercream Cake workshop, although its a basic course, it requires alot of focus and attention. If you like a good challenge, feel free to hop right in! But if you like to learn something more manageable for a start, we would recommend to try out our DIRECT FLORAL PIPING CUPCAKE WORKSHOP first before diving into this one. 
Another great work from Chloe who attended both courses. We saw a significant improvement from her Day 1 workshop. Her roses have definitely become more intricate and lively with her own touch of personality! Fantastic work!

During the workshop, we will guide our participants step by step from layering to trimming to crumb coating and then to covering & coloring your cake! You will learn all the tricks and tools to use during this course on how to achieve a smooth cake covering!

Amazing work from Velicia, from Indonesia!
Love her color mix. She created both a close rose and open rose taught during the workshop! Not forgetting, those ruffling techniques are put into good use too! The ruffling technique helps to give the blooms a more realistic feature.

All our participant's work!

More workshop updates will be coming up! Stay tune for our July ones!

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