Candles or Aroma sticks. Candles anytime for me. I always love to gaze at lighted candles, they just have this ability to create a moment of serenity and calmness. 

Check out Bird's Party full post on their Quick DIY tricks on how you can utilize your unwanted citrus peel (lemon or orange) to make candles right here. I thought its a fantastic idea to make use of the natural citrus oil from the skin, and its bright colors, makes a beautiful decorating piece on your dining table! 

Here's a step by step direction from Bird's Party:


1) Cut the fruit in half and remove the pulp with a grapefruit knife or small kitchen knife. Use a metal spoon to help you remove as much of the fruit white membranes and pith as possible, keeping the husk or peel intact. At this point, I like to turn the peel inside out and cut away the white pith with scissors, being careful not to damage the peel.

If needed, slice a tiny part off the bottom of each citrus peel to keep it level. place the peel/husks onto a plat surface (baking tray covered with parchment paper works best).

2) Take the wicker out of the votive candles and place it inside the fruit peel. Then place the candle wax into a microwaveable bowl.

3) Melt the wax in the microwave at full power, in 1 minute intervals until fully melted. using heat-proof gloves, very carefully take the melted out of the microwave (it's extremely hot!), and add a few drops of your chosen essential oil.

4) Immediately pour the melted wax into the fruit husks/peel. let the wax set and top with more melted wax if needed to level it out. Let it set, then use as a normal candle!


There are so many uses for these candles! You can use it for your home use. Select the right essential oil. For me, I am a regular user of tea tree, as it helps my morning sinus. Some may find it a little too strong, you can mix lemon essential oil with tea tree to mild down the scent, giving a more refreshing and zesty fragrance. If you are adventurous, and you would like to blend your own mix, you can check out the essential oil blend chart below. It makes a great natural remedy!
View bigger image here

Since we are dealing with cakes and desserts, we can't shoo the topic away eh!

Considering a CANDLE LIT DESSERT/DINING TABLE for your event?

Hang over candles are brilliant! The soft warm light from the candles creates a cosy and romantic ambience.
And if you think your cake display is too simple. You don't have to exaggerate it by throwing in poms poms or photoframes. Dump that, and get a few candles and nice candle holders, and start lighting them up. The trick to creating an eyes catching table, learn to play with height. Have a few cakes lined on a plate, and some on a tall cake stands, do the same for your candles with different candle holders of different height. It keeps it visually attractive, and hey, its easy to prepare! No hassle. Just a match stick will do the wonders.
Nothing beats a plain old simple candle cage. If you got a long and wide dinning table, and you feel that its a little too plain in the middle, and you want to do away with the blooms but still want to keep it rustic and pretty, consider this. 
Have a few candle cage lined on equal intervals and in between, decorate with small bottles of aroma sticks and succulents to occupy the spaces. Nothing too complicated. They are easily accessible. Most importantly, you don't need a professional to do this! Get your groomsmen and bridesmaid to help out with these easy task!

Hope you are lighted with an inspiration or 2:)

Stay calm and get inspired!

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