Gender Reveal Party Inspiration

Before I moved on with the main topic, (get ready your sparklers), we are excited to share that we have got a new cake board! I am trying my very best to contain my excitement! We had been dumping drafts after drafts over a span of 2 months, because we just couldn't decide which design and colour we should go for. And yes, we are happy with our decision!!

Our disposable marble boards/palettes are now available on our website at :
You don't have to use it as a cake board like we do. They are great as serving palettes/ trays for parties, or a decoration piece for your work desk. The boards are sturdy and are able to hold a weight of 2.8kg. Get creative with it!

Okay, let's head to our gender reveal cake inspiration! We just did one blue-pink unicorn cake during the weekend. We love the idea!

Well, its unicorn! Whats there not to love!

A close up shot of the details! The combination of dusty pink and blue, really brings out a dreamy look. We always finish off the look, with a good flick of sparkles and gold!
Side-View! Looking at it just makes us go ahhhhh~
Because it was for one of our customers, we were unable to reveal the inside of the cake. We'll not let you hold the suspense! It's a boy!!!! woohoo!

I love the idea of a gender reveal. Its surprising. Although, be it a boy or a girl, everyone is going to be equally surprise! But hey, its the excitement that makes the occasion fun! Don't you think so?
So to the going-to-be mummies out there, if you are searching for more inspiration on how to spice up a gender reveal party, you can consider these few options that we've gathered!
Are you ready for it?
Let's do this!
yeap, wait for itttttttt

2. Let your guests guess
let's pump up the excitement with everyone!


No party is going to go without a dessert table. Keep it simple and minimal with all the pinks and blues you got from the tassles to the balloons! 
a menu we recommend?
fluff up your desserts with pink and blue decorations. Glaze cookies, mini cupcake and cakes pops! If not,work something out with your baker to create an interesting variety!

Not a fan of blue and pink?
How about a peach and grey colour concept? Totally chic!
4.. Let's not forget the cake!
You can either keep the cake simple (with a wow interior) and hang a fancy tassel/ topper
go fancy!

5. Everyone's gotta walk away with something!
You gotta think through your gift favour carefully! Never gift-away the secret!
best advice: Keep the Colors Neutral
tea leaves in test tubes?

This had got to be the best!:) Popcorn seed!
Inexpensive and fun!


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  2. Such a wonderful party. I loved the cake a lot. Want to throw my best friend a gender reveal party at one of venues in San Francisco and will do lovely arrangements there. I and my sister will organize this party.

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