Our Trip To Kuala Lumpur

Our 4 days trip to KL had come and go so fast. We had a 2 days workshop held there, hosted by Shaun Teo. Before you go on reading, please be warned that this blog post will be flooded with more photos than usual. 

I got to say, throughout the trip there, probably half the time we spoke in Mandarine. We seemed to put our mother tongue language into practice, and that seems to be a great achievement and a big highlight. 

The workshop for the first day, we covered on our cactus and bloom cake. Most of the participants had little to no experience with cake decorating so it was very fulfilling to look at the results at the end of the lesson. Especially in hot and humid weather (same here in Singapore), buttercream can pose a challenge because it melts easily. A lot of practice and getting used to coordinate with both hands to pipe every flower and succulents is necessary. 
image via @shuanteocreations

For our second workshop, we taught our Peranakan-Inspired cake design. We share our knowledge about buttercream painting and then dive straight into practice. We'll just leave the pictures to do the talking.  
Every student is given 2 templates to practice on. 

The basics to color mixing.
The nerve starts to tingle the moment everyone had to paint freehand on a real cake. 
It's beautiful to see every individual work from the beginning to end. We started to notice the difference in style and color palette that each one has. We didn't want to restrict the cake painting image and so we let the participant flow with their mood and imagination with the offset knife. 

 Art on its own is a human form that reflects life and character.  The way we blend and create colors is a reflection of ourselves- be it the way we view us, others or life as a whole. 
 The whole experience is indeed heartwarming! Thank you all for coming by-be it by plane or car to join us in this workshop (because we know it is a long journey traveling to and fro from one destination to another). You have created a moment for us to remember and to be grateful for. We hope you'll continue to experiment with colors and do the things you love!

During the 4 days, our stomachs are never empty. Our wonderful hosts- both Shaun and his sister, Brenda,  had brought us all around to explore the cafes, street food and malls. We were amazed by the food standard, and there are a few we'll like to share. 

ONDEH ONDEH CRONUTS (They are the bombs!)







So that's about it from us today! 

Oh and one last announcement. We will be launching our first online workshop in a couple of week's time. Our first workshop will be on Macaron Painting! So excited! So do follow us up on our instagram for more updates! Looking forward!
See you when we see you!:D

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