If we recalled correctly, we first got to know May during Faye's first month. Yes, it had been a good coming 4 years! The mummy of two has been known to us as the super hands-on mum. If we could give her a Marvel character, she is definitely Wonder Woman. Every year without fail, she always surprises us with her surprises- how she would plan and go all out to make her kids' birthday a memorable one. She makes a perfect event planner. 

But let's not forget behind those colorful confetti and contagious laughter, we know that there stands a mum, who continues to hold up her tired eyes and grinning smile to create beautiful moments for her family.

 Last December, we had the opportunity to step into her new home to deliver her Christmas dessert box. She was holding a little Christmas celebration with her closest friends. She greeted us with minimum make up on and her hair roughly bundled up. We could see how she was trying to multi-task with entertaining everyone at home even the kids!  As we walked through each room, every part was well thought through including the tall ceiling, wall papers and the bed design.  

How she even get everything organized and planned out from scratch with little to no experience, we really had no clue. But for sure, if we are having any trouble with designing a house, she would be the go-to person we would want to consult. 
Through the years of knowing May, her resilience and love for her family has allowed her to push boundaries with her creativity. Being an extremely hands-on mother and wife, we are able to feel and see the imprints of her heart on every part of the walls. The saying of "Mummy knows best" is undeniable. The home that she and Meyer have designed is truly a reflection of the home they have built. 

So in today's Creative Mind, we are happy to have May with us for a short interview to share with us of what she thinks of her family and new home.

1. When we first met, it was for Faye's first month at your previous place. How do you think your perception in design has evolve over the years?

To be honest, I didn’t design any of Faye’s dessert table. It was Sarah who conceptualised everything. I was too tired to go down to details. But overall design-wise, I think I’m still pretty much the same after so many years! Nothing childish and no fondants. All about clean lines and colours. If there was a cartoon involved, I will try to downplay the characters and make it less kiddish. 

 2. If you could give a color to represent yourself, Meyer, Ewan and Faye, what would each be?

May - Blue because I am the calm after the storm | Meyer - Yellow because he is the sunshine after the rain | Ewan - Red because he is full of energy, fury and excitement | Faye - Purple because it’s her favourite colour and she is temperamental. There are so many shades or purple from indigo to violet to purple itself; exactly like her changing moods. 

3. We see alot of white and muted blue tones on your wall and wallpaper prints inspired by nature & blooms, could you share with us the inspiration and theme behind #mmlittle?

Oh yes… it’s just because I like blue. I AM BLUE! I noticed I have a lot of blue clothes too and gosh, blue shoes. That’s when I realise I actually like the colour blue. The inspiration behind #mmlittle is relaxation. Our previous home is English Victorian and consists of heavy furnishings. This time, with kids around, I am looking at a more modern and relaxed space. Already the children are a lot of noise, the home needs to be light rather than heavy. Botanicals should do the trick to induce relaxation in a home! To be honest, I just want an Instagrammable home *haha* 

Something that looked like a really cool place to chill and drink coffee at. Since I can’t own a hip cafe [no time no energy no money], I’ll create one at home with the living room transformed into a dining place. 

4. What were the limitations and challenges you faced while planning and designing #mmlittle? ( how long did it take to bring everything together?)

Lesson learnt: Too much work! Just hire an Interior Designer! We were our own ID because we believe in creating our own home on our own. It’s ours and it should exude a style that depicts us. However, we are not trained designers. We have little clue about how to make out the most space out of an area and not very good at colour combination. Well, after the house was put together, it proved that we have some sense of design after all! But during the decision making process, there were a lot of doubts on whether our ideas would work. Truth be told, I would be my own ID again and then I’ll go, “Argh should have hired an ID!” while putting everything together. 

Another challenge was that Meyer wasn’t in town most of the time. I was the woman, mother, wife and husband all at once. I cannot believe I had to handle 7 men in one morning talking about metal works, paint jobs, electrical wiring and carpentry. It’s definitely not my forte and I didn’t like it. But who else but me since the mister wasn’t in town. I felt very empowered of course and I had new-found respect for myself. Like, “Wow! I can handle this plus be a mother, photographer plus blog!” However, I burnt myself out. It was tough.

How long? The house was ready in 1.5 months since the start of renovations. 

5. What are the 3 most memorable lessons/ situations that you have learnt and overcomed during the process of moving into your new home?

One - Don’t do it alone. In our last house moving before this one, I told Meyer he could go to work. What’s so difficult with overseeing a move. We hired professionals after all. But it was tough. I could be at two places at one time and drove myself up the wall. It was unnecessary. 
Two - Trust your self more than you doubt because anyway, it’s your home! Design it the way you want it! 
Three - Take your time. Do not rush into completing the house from furniture to accessories at the same time. That’s what I did. I want every corner accessorized WITH the furniture. But my husband always remind me that the major concerns should be Dining, Living and Bedding. The rest can wait. But I was impatient. I couldn’t wait. I want everything in and done with. However, that’ll kill your sleep and brain cells. Take it slow.

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