Cake Talk : The Stacked Macarons

Style, color, design. Finding a space for continuous creativity can get a little tough but its essential in the line we are in. There is just something satisfying when we get to work on a new design and color palette.

Art helps us to gain new perspective in how we see colors and structures, movement and space, feelings and experiences. 

We have come to realize that road blocks are necessary before we can arrive to an outcome. The willingness to be receptive to ideas/suggestions becomes vital in building creations. So today we are happy to share a cake design that we have came up with together with mummy Clara. 

When it comes to creating a new design, we always appreciate new inputs. Clara came to us with a few image references to help us understand the color theme she is going for. She wanted to go for paint strokes on the surface of the cake with different colors for a more vibrant look.

She even sent us a photo of the toppers that she will be using for the cake to help us with the planning of her cake design. 

She liked the idea of a stacked macaron tower which she saw on our IG (on the left). We were literally biting our nails. So we thought to recreate a look like this on a single tier cake, we will have the macarons stacked randomly to give the cake some height. We remained the arrangement of the decoration to be in a semi circle. As for the flowers, we ordered some ranunculus to give a similar look and feel. We piped some buttercream flowers as well to follow her color scheme, and arranged them according to the flow of the macaron arrangement. 

On top of her cake, she had also ordered 20 packets of macarons which we sealed them up in sets of 2. She added her own magical touches with these beautiful stickers! Aren't they amazing! These stickers do wonders!

Its beautiful moments like this that makes it all worth while!

"The cake was so stunning!! All the buttercream flowers and macarons looked amazing. And it tasted great too! Thank you so much!"

Thank you so so much Clara for your amazing photos and the wonderful support!
We hope to cater for you again!:)

Cupplets Team

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