The last time we did a collaboration with Michelle and Alvin was a good 3 years ago. Meticulous, careful and patient are the characters we remember most fondly of the duo. 
The couple are currently running their own photography business called Awesome Memories.
You can read more about them here

We had the opportunity to craft out their daughter, Isabelle's first birthday in August this year! When we got the photos of their celebration, we just had to reach Michelle to find out more about her work and how she managed with the preparation for the party! We are so happy that she agreed to be onboard with us for a 5-question interview that we have it all ready right here!

We know how busy it can get at times having to prioritize our time with work and family when running your own business. Now with a little one, we wanted to find out more from Michelle how she handle all the multi-tasking. 

So let's get things kicking!

1. Its been almost 3 years since we both worked on a project together! Share with us a little about what both you and Alvin have been working on with Awesome Memories lately.

Yes! 3 years have simply just flown by, and we have been happily shooting all the beautiful and lovely weddings. It's hard to pick which wedding we love more than the rest so we thought we would talk about something more general which would be us opening up and sharing more about ourselves on our Awesome Memories Photography Instagram page. The intention is really to let our followers get to know us better as a couple, as a new family of 3, as well as our lifestyle and interests in life, and hopefully people will feel more connected to us.In terms of who does what, for me, I deal with more of the creative stuff such as branding, packaging, editing the photos, shooting flatlays, etc. And for Alvin, he deals more with the admin and finance. And of course we always shoot and choose all the photos together!

2. We've seen all the beautiful photos of Isabelle's first birthday! They looked amazing! How much time did you set aside to plan this? 
Because we had such a busy first half of the year with shooting weddings and editing all the photos, I only managed to sneak in some time in June to start planning for Isabelle's first birthday in August. It's hard to find time to do the planning, juggle looking after Isabelle and work so I turned to Pinterest and consolidated all the ideas that I like so that it's easier for me to share the ideas with different vendors (e.g, decor, cake, balloon, nail artist...) for her party. 

3. We love the idea of a flamingo themed party! So why flamingo? 

I have always liked flamingo stuff...They look so pretty and fun! And I also love floral watercolour stuff too... So I mixed them up a little and came up with Flamingo Floral Theme which has a whimsical, romantic and elegant feel! Maybe there is a subtle meaning behind, but I want to let Isabelle know that she is perfect the way she is and she can be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons! Haha... :)

4. How did you manage the stress that comes with juggling work and motherhood?

Haha.. This is a very good question. Certain times, it can get really very stressful balancing between being first-time parents and running our own business. I think it helps somewhat when Alvin and I have come up with and agreed on clearly defined roles on both the business front and family matters. I also have a mummies-support WhatsApp group chat. So whenever I feel stressed or have any questions regarding motherhood, I can seek advice from them and also from my BFF who has a daughter just 4 months younger than Isabelle!

5. What will you advise mummies out there who are planning for their kid's birthday? 

 Definitely choose a location with good natural light and engage a good photographer as such precious moments of your child's first birthday only happens once in a lifetime. And of course, having such a beautiful cake from Cupplets only enhances everything!


Balloons: Celebloons
Cake: Cupplets
Nails: NailSapphire

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