Because when it comes to Mother's Day...

When it comes to Mother's Day, we all put in that extra effort at the very last minute! Terrible I know. We are all found guilty:( We ace at getting all frantic and start heading down to town, throw in a perfume in the shopping bag, or some aroma oil sticks, or a handbag. And when you think, "what's so difficult getting a present for mum?!" It was! Out of the categories of items you wish to get for her, you had to narrow down the possible items she MAY use, and focus down to just a single product. And from one product, say a bag for example, you had to think:
A. Will she pass it back to me to carry?
B. Does she like this particular brand/ color?
C. Oh the compartments are important! Are there enough to slot her treasures?
D. And yes, the design of the sickening ZIP? Is it convenient for her to catch it when her phone rings in her bag? (Cos somehow the zip is always to be blamed for taking too long to answer the phone!)

And so back to cakes! To come up with our Mother's Day cake design, we wanted to create a bright and vibrant floral cake. 
We came up with 2 designs: 
1. Floral Press -made up with a combination of pressed flowers such as carnation, blue pea and marigold and rose buttercream
2. Floral garden- a colorful floral sketch  made up of a variation of handpiped flowers
 Each floral garden cake took us half an hour solely on piping the flowers, and another 15 minutes arranging it. As the colors start building up, the crescent gets fuller! Sometimes it is so hard to stop!
 We piped a variation from:
1. sprayed rose
2. garden rose
3. scabiosca
4. hydrangea
 If you love the color palette of our sketchy floral garden theme, you can try it out yourself! We used Americolor gel for our BC:
1. Dusty Rose
2. Yolk Yellow
3. Copper
4. Navy blue
5. Black
6. Electric Puple
7. Red red
8. Avocado Green

 And not forgetting our single rose cupcakes! They are such an eye -pleaser for any occassions!
You can purchase them online too!
Click link here

And when we thought time doesn't seem to be on our side and considering the little space we have, we had to draw close to 200 macarons. Now, you kinda understand why we need the eye shut moment.  Just sitting there staring closely at the macarons and painting, I felt the feels (partially) of a tattoo artist (the neck ache, backache, eye sore, drips of sweat running down your forehead in a cool air con area- its a PACKAGE). Time just ticks so fast when you are in such deep concentration. And it just drains out all your energy after 3 to 5 hrs. We kept going with the painting the next few days. 
 Now we have a tiny phobia looking at them. We are currently undergoing therapy with coffee everyday to ease the soreness that hits us psychologically when we see them. 

So moving on to the main highlights on mother's day, it was doing up this miffy cake. Had to give it to the team for helping out with the craftwork for the character theme cake amidst the crazy baking we all had to do and the packing (OMG!). And big yay to urban lil's acrylic bunny ears, they made miffy look like miffy. To the amazing momma May, who made this dessert table look so chic and beautiful. We are beyond words with the craftmanship and creativity. We love it!
Photo credit: @mmlittlelee

That's it from us! 
To all the mommas out there, thank you for being the Wonderwoman in our hearts:)
May you stay healthy and jolly!

Lotsa Love
The Cupplets Team!

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