5 Things to Note when Planning your Cake!

Oops I did it again!
"I totally forgot about my CAKE! OH MY GOD!"
*frantic attack*
"what should I do? How do I plan? Do I have enough time?"

Okay Hold Up! Planning a cake can be a tough one if it is your very first birthday cake or wedding cake you are planning. You may want it simple or fancy or abit of everything.

We all get into that excitement when it comes to planning for our own occassion. I am a terrible planner to start off with considering my not-so-organize thoughts! If you got a friend who loves laying down the ground works for you, plan and distribute responsibilities, I am truly happy for you! Keep that friend of GOLD! He/She is going to take off a stack of burden from you.

Back to the main topic! We get all kinds of requests and questions about cakes. Yes, the whole process of planning can be a tedious work. It can hurt your brain a little. 

Before we get all the brain wrecked with all the cake planning, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE settle the

It is always good to book your baker at least a month or 2 beforehand. Set a list of baker for just in case situation. 

So let's organize the 5 important pointers to kick start your cake planning!

1. Plan your color theme!
Before you can start planning about what you should buy to decorate the venue or yourself, you need to know your color palette! Yes! It is so so so important to know what colors you wish to have at your event, because that is going to set the tone right!!

So let's just say you love pink and coral so much, you want them as your main colors. Fantastic! Now you got the primary colors locked in, let's head down to secondary colors (they are like your complementary colors- they not that in your face!). Some hint of blue and white? What do you think?
Alright sounds about right, you got your color palette set. Pinterest it. Gather your inspirational lookbook to better visualize the colors together. 

Looks somewhat what you are going for. Okay set! 

The colour concept of this cake may be what you are looking for to fit your color theme.

2. What mood are you setting for your event?
Let's just say you are planning for your birthday, you want to go for something more fun, funky and bright! You probably have some ideas like ice cream cones or donuts, that are dipped in colors to bring out a jolly mood!

A cake like this might work?
 Okay like seriously, if you are really into colorful ice cream cone theme, you should totally check this out: 

Now that you are done with setting the atmosphere of your event, lets get down to the real cake deal!
Are you ready?

3. Select your cake size or the number of tiers you wish to go for.

Over at Cupplets, our cake size varies from 5inch to 12 inch for our single tiers!
Yes, you can always vava-voom a single tier!

A 2 tier makes a great centerpiece for its height. 
Our common sizes:
4 by 6" feeds up to 22 pax
5 by 7" feeds up to 35 pax
6 by 8"feeds up to 50 pax
But of course if you wish to go for any bigger, let us know!

Its always good to gauge how many people you are intending to feed. Take that number, work around 70 to 75% of it. Yeap not everyone is gonna eat cake UNLESS if you wish to serve everybody during a wedding banquet as part of the meal. That we need to be precise with the numbers. 

4. Select your cake texture
Every cake is going to be different. The design, the decorative elements and the colors are different! But hey, let's not forget your cake covering! They are often overlooked. Cake covers are essential to put everything together. It set the stage right before anything else steps in. 

Do you want it smooth with cement covering like the one below?

 Or a full naked cake on the top tier , with a smooth white covering on the base like this one right here?
Or or, lets give it some texture. How about a sequential swirl like this?
and yes there are more! Check them out here.
5. Cake flavours
We are so proud of you, you survived through!
This is the simplest of them all! You are getting there!
Now choose your cake flavours!
Nothing is better than eating cake!
Check out what flavors we have right here

I have always felt that there is more to cakes. They can make a beautiful expression of art that reflects some form of personality with its structure and colors. So think it through and plan it out with these 5 simple steps!

To make your life a little simpler, you can plan your cake with us by filling up our cake form here!

We wish you all the best planning out your dream cake!

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