Russian Tip Piping

So we have gotten a few mums asking us for one or two recommendations on what simple cupcake decorating methods they can do at home with their kids. 

I always believe in triggering that interest at a young age. Using the traditional rose petal tip may be a little tricky working with your children. And you are required to have some form of knowledge. As for mess, we've been doing workshops with adults, the mess in inevitable. So I can't imagine if you are going to try it at home with your kids. 

Playing with different colors are a great form to encourage learning, and at the same time making the process more fun and fascinating. 

You can get these Russian tips online via qoo10 or ebay or on our local bakery stores. 
The method is simple and easy to grasp. You just need to learn to press with the right pressure, and BLOOM, there comes your flower!

We have link you up a video below! Watch and enjoy!

For easy -to-make buttercream, try making your own Amercian Buttercream, they may be sweeter due to the higher sugar content. You can reduce your icing sugar, by doing some swops: 

50g butter
50g shortening
70g icing sugar
1/4 tsp salt
*Feel free to add flavoring of your choice. 

The method is simple.
1. Start off with beating your butter and shortening for a good 2 minutes until all is well mixed & volumized. You can use a hand mixer.

2. Sieve your icing sugar and salt, and add them in in 3 portions (to prevent your face from getting powdered)
3. Add your flavoring

Have fun trying this out at home!

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