Acrylic Painting Effect on Cake!

The thing we love about getting inspired is that you will never know where it will take you. And today we thought we let the pictures do the talking to take you through why we got so amazed and greatly moved by the art of acrylic painting.

The beauty about acrylic painting- the texture and the distinct color gradient its able to create. It has an unspoken ability to play with our sight, creating an illusion of realness from afar. When near, you get a little confusion with the pattern of colors, and it seems to create a different image when you start zooming in at different angles. 

It took us a while to figure out how we can duplicate the beauty of acrylic painting onto cakes. Like paste, buttercream creates the same texture. It blends colors well. So we use the same tool- an artist spatula (I am clueless what it is called), and start stroking away. We base on images that inspires us and work on the strokes. 

The thing about painting I personally feel, its how you move your tool with your soul. There is no template of any sort. You had your free mind to rely on. As you move along with your spatula (by mixing and blending the different colors together), you will be able to start piecing the images together, creating a portrait. You may not be able to envision it at first (its going to take time) but the jigsaw will slowly piece up. This is probably the most therapeutic moment I had with cakes. 
 We are definitely excited to create more of such art pieces! So do look forward!:)
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