Mean Your Work

Today I will keep this minimal
To keep our intention pure
For we have a little something
We wish to speak for
For all the colors
In all the cake galore
Behind, lies a few humans
To keep up the shore
They smash, they throw
They cry and they scream
For all the cakes 
That had to go to the bin
Rewind, redo
They work with a spin
With only a spatula, a pair of hands
And a good buttercream
An hour, or 2, or 2,3,4
The sleepless nights are unaccounted for
Is it good or is it not
Those man hours should not be ignored
For all you see in a 4 by 4
Are the years they had been working for
For all they hope
Is for you to see
That the craft they do
Brings you showing your teeth
So if you wish to
Remove a tree 
To piss the artist 
Who painted you a sea
He will have no choice but
To give you a miss.
For he hopes one day you will see
That you can't remove Mac from Cheese

The Bakers 
behind Cupplets

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