Creative Minds 2: #kenlufeelthelovetonight

Quirky & Funky. Let's talk about the couple who farts art. 
Ken and Vicks, unlike anyone else, have the fashion sense that could blend in with Bruno Mars's Finesse music video. When we first met the couple to discuss their wedding cake over coffee, we got a better insight of their personalities and preferences. Like a pair of  D batteries, they both emit a strong energy and spark, ever ready and prepared to light up their wedding with colors and character. With their Powerpoint slides ready, they showed us their artwork, what they had planned, the pins and mood boards, all in an organized manner. They probably make the perfect wedding planning team. We knew somehow, this wedding is definitely (the word one-of-a-kind probably can't describe the degree of it) going to be kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck FANTASTIC!

We got the opportunity to get the crafty couple to join us in this interview to share with us their artwork, thoughts and moments!
Ken: Graphic Designer at Credence Partnership
Vicks: Business Development at EV Dance

1. Hola KenVicks, Congratulations! We still can't get over your wedding, I believe it is even more surreal for the both of you! Could you share with us the idea and meaning behind the colors and design of the badge you made for your guests?
Kenvicks: Thank you so much! It's surreal for us too- finally getting married after 14 years of dating!

Instead of the usual wedding favours such as chocolate or random utensils, we wanted to give our guests a gift that is more unique, memorable, meaningful and one that represents our union. Since Ken has a hobby for designing lapel pins  (look up @california.rollin), we thought- why not design one for our wedding!

Over some good coffee, we brainstormed and designed a logo that best represents us. Our logo (and in fact, the entire union) is based on a scripture in the Bible, Matthew 19:6, which says "So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." This logo was then used to make our pins! We did a short write up on the rationale of the pin's design, which was printed on the card backing of the pin. 

" Entwined as they might be, the couple believes in staying true to their personal quirks while multiplying their strengths to fuse an indestructible synergy. The red and green symbolises them as unique individuals, while the blue embodies their one identity."

Celebrate their new adventure. Pin it!
Designed by Kenneth & Victoria

2. We love the whole classy wedding outfit! Whose idea was it? 
KenVicks: Before anything, we knew we didn't want the conventional wedding outfits or venue, so that helped us narrow down our ideas even before diving into our research. We drew outfit inspirations and styling ideas from various eras (mainly from Pinterest). Our wedding venue, Chjmes, also played a major role when we were deciding on outfit colours. In addition, we made sure that our outfits aligned with the kind of mood we wanted for our wedding, which was something romantic yet light-hearted.
3. If you can describe each other as a cartoon character, what would it be and why?

Ken: Vicks would be Blossom from Powerpuff girls because she is created with sugar (because she is sweet), and spice (because she is hot, and spicy LOL! and everything nice!). Like Blossom, Vicks is a leader, the smart one and really dislikes it when her loved ones get bullied. 
Vicks: I'm not familiar with many cartoon characters, but ken's definitely Simba in The Lion King! Although Ken is not the only child, like how Simba is, he has a strong and brave character, who cares deeply for those around him. Simba also has a mischevious and adventurous spirit, which he indulges at every chance with his friend Nala, often getting them into trouble- which in this case is also true to our relationship. Many believe that I "taught him the bad stuff", which I don't deny! 

4. Could you share with us your most meaningful and memorable moment during this whole process?

KenVicks: We went hands and knees deep into the wedding planning and execution. Our solemnization definitely takes the cut as our most meaningful and memorable moment. Firstly, it was a God-defining moment where we truly become one unit, and secondly, the emotions during the ceremony were simply genuine, heartfelt and warm. We wouldn't exchange anything for that moment.

5. Tell us more about your experience planning for your wedding cake with Cupplets.

KenVicks:  Before our first meet up with Sam and Ernest, we already decided on the look and feel we wanted for our wedding (i.e the logo, pins, and colors). We knew we wanted consistency amongst most of our wedding items (just like how all branding projects are), so that was the main brief we gave to Cupplets. In fact, because we have the honour of knowing Sam and Ernest personally and have great faith in their craft. As such, we decided to give them the freedom to explore and experiment. No doubt, they delivered beyond our expectations in terms of both aesthetic and taste. Even post-wedding, we are still receiving positive feedback about the insanely amazing cake from Cupplets. 

6. What colour would you use to describe your feeling right now?

Ken: Sky blue. I'm sure many things will come our way in this new phase of life, so the color sky blue represents my feeling of how positively limitless this new phase can be. 

Vicks: Blood orange. Mainly because I'm obsessed with that color right now, but also because I'm still feeling excited after our wedding, but more excited as to where life is going to take the both of us.

7. If you can have any superpower, what will it be?
This is one of our favourite questions that we have actually thought of before. 

Ken: I want to have the ability to travel time so I can experience good memories over and over again (hint: our wedding!)

Vicks: I would love to be invisible, for reasons that I honestly think I should keep to myself!

8. Complete the sentence.

Ken: Love gives me hope.
Vicks: Love gives me unstoppable smiles.

Check out their love story in this animated video that is planned and illustrated by the creative duo! Enjoy!

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