The Terrarium Tart

Its beginning to look like Christmas! We are counting down to the 25th, and we are really not that far away. We are bitting our nails, trying to figure out how else we are going to squeeze time to do some shopping for all the gift exchange!

Just recently, we posted up our terrarium tart in a jar on our IG, and we have gotten quite a number of responses on it! If you have been reading our blog until this page, you will probably know by now that we have been diving into alot of succulents and cactus designs on most of our bakes since mid this year.  So when we had this little project to design up something unique given the shape and size of the jar, we were all ready pushing up our sleeves. 
So behind these colorful jars, there was some real work going on behind the scenes. Piping & arranging those buttercream cactus & succulent pose a little of a challenge due to the circumference of the tart which was measuring around 5.5 cm in diameter. All in all a good 4.5 hrs to prepare 80 of them and have them well packed in our containers. 

So due to the shape of the jars, it was NOT recommendable for us to prepare them in advance at the store and carry all the way to the venue. It will be a mess and a great hassle. In order to make sure no chaos goes on in the jar, we decided to have them all lined up on set at the event.

We prepped 2 bulky bags of cookies crumbs to act as soil. You should have seen the number of cookies we had to bake and blend! Its enough to fill us up for one month worth of cookie ration!

When it comes to getting into action, we couldn't ask for a better team than this. 5 of us, gloves on, all geared up to fill all the jars with soil, stones, flowers and tarts. 

"The simplest of task requires a lot more focus than you think. "

You need to plan out what and what goes where & how. The creative process don't just start and end with an idea. The idea is like your petrol, it gets the engine going. Somebody has to take responsibility to the steering wheel to get each task moving. That somebody doesn't just come solely from a person, it consists of a team. 
We thought we consolidate some of the questions we gathered from our DM and answer them here.
If you are planning for an onsite dessert preparation, I hope this short segment is able to enlighten you a little. Lets go!

1. How do you plan how many hours you need to be at the venue to prepare the desserts? 
Always check with your event planner by what time the product needs to be out by. Do a trial with one jar and see how much time is taken. I will do a rough estimation in my head. If it takes roughly 1 hr to do up everything, then add on another 30-45 mins for just-in-case situations. You would rather have things done earlier than later. 
2. What are the things to take note for an on-site preparation?
Prepare a list beforehand on the things you need to bring. I will always have a trial product to refer to, to make sure that we have brought everything we need for the jar. Then next thing to note is to check what tools you need to bring. And oh yes, please remember to bring a box of gloves! 

 3. How did you come up with the idea?
It is important to speak to your client to find out more about what kind of aesthetic they are looking for. Once you have the visual in mind, brainstorm the different possibilities to craft out the product. Don't restrict your ideas just within your mind, do up the actual item or just a draft. When you actually start piecing things up with tangible ingredients and materials, you are able to see the product and make improvements to it. Ask your client for feedback, and see how else you can move things around. And if the product needs to be placed inside a holder like a jar or a box, its always best to have a sample of it. You don't wish on the day of the event to realize your product doesn't fit.

That's all from us today! Till we see you again right here, hopefully before the new year! TATAZ!


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    1. Hi Jissa,
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