Green-up your Balcony

 I think my liking for greens is slowly becoming an obsession. 

Go green, go minimal with your outdoor/indoor garden. Our balcony can become a new sanctuary where we can grab our coffee, enjoy the bright sunlight and find a peace of mind.  Creating a zen garden is not difficult. We just need a couple of things to deck up our balcony, and voila. Keeping it simple and minimal is the key for a start (You can always up your game and fluff more green plants!).

What do you need to begin: 

1. Essential oil + oil diffuser or candles
Soothe your mind with your favorite scent!
2. Simple Wooden Racks
Racks are great accessories to decorate your greens. You can nail them on the wall, place them on the table or even on the floor. They are the best solution for space saver. Where to get? You can get racks anywhere. Still clueless, then start with Ikea!
3. Your plants
Head down to the nearest nursery, grab a basket and shop away. 

We can always play around with our pots with paint, colors and strokes. No time to water your plants every day? Too tired of money plants? Then you got succulents and cactus to save you the hassle. I am currently a sucker for small and tiny pots of cactus & succulents. I place them all around from home to work. To make sure they survive, I was advised to spray them twice a week. Be it a form of distressing or just beauty to the eyes, these green babies have been good to me. 

Here are more ideas to beautify your balcony: 

These green babies are not expensive to get. A green shopaholic like me, I got 7 pots at one go, and I wonder if I should get more of it. I shall say no more, and show you our little green models!


And if you can't get enough of greens like we do, here's more! Here is a green terrarium inspired cake that we crafted today! 

 Green Terrarium Cake is currently available online here.
 And our cactus floral cupcake bouquets, they are a total eye pleaser. They make a perfect gift! You get your plants and you eat it!
More of it here!
Since I am always short of words, I am going to end off right here with one last sentence. Please don't neglect your balcony, and consider green-ing them up and make good use of it!
Good luck!
Till next time!

the baker!

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