Music & TGFF

Good music is worth the share!
I found an amazing youtube channel for great acoustic music. These 2 are currently playing on repeat mode to ease those nerve strings from us/me. 

So yes yes yes! We have been wanting to share with you what we have been busy with the past 2 weeks. We will be participating in The Great Food Festival at RWS on the 21st to 24th Sept which is this Thursday to Sunday. 

Click here to find out more about #tgff and to register.
*We will be at the ROLLING SWEET TIMES, convention centre!*

We have been a little burnout with all the r&d for #tgff. We have been working on a new range of tart design and flavour-twist which we called it #tartart. We wouldn't have survived through without an amazing team with us. We are so excited to show you all our hard work from the planning, testing and curating.  

Here's a snippet of what we got from our trials!

 Caramel Macchiato
A straightforward version of a coffee- caramel dessert

Strawberry & pistachio
For its namesake, it is what it is!

Mont Blanc
A japanese chestnut dessert with a citrus twist

Yeap, they are sold in 4s! You can purchase them individually as well! 
Yeap we got a total of 8 tart flavours. 
To help you better visualize, I just had to show you this!
For some who are curious, yeap, those are handpainted! Here's the original work before it headed off for surgery with psd. 
And not forgetting, we got macarons too!

Wanna see the menu? Yes 10 flavours baby!

We will be having our standard cake slices as well! 

We will see you there at TGFF! And dont forget to follow us on our instastory during the event @cupplets!

Looking forward!

With great great love
Team Cupplets!

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