Finding Inspiration all around Greens

I always question if there must be a reason in everything I do- Why do I do it. I fumble and fall, and doubt if my brain is actually working together with my limbs. Most of the time, I listen to what my heart says, and in a quick second, I will react. But I never question why. When I had the time to wonder and come up with the many reasons, I realized it just wasn't difficult to answer my own question. 

I like the process of creating and I like to see changes. I like how it is when I start piecing the colors, the crumbs, the layers altogether to create a different object of some sort. I like seeing people's reaction when they hear a certain thing or receive a gift. I like the moment of unexpected responses, the way people react to life. I like movement, and I like the impromptu thoughts. 
So then I realise my dislikes, I hate to be stagnant. I hate to be in a regular cycle of something. 

We all have the power to be anything. I could be a dancer, a painter, a doctor, a scientist, and on and on, but I just connect better with cakes. Today, I am a baker. Tomorrow, I may have found a new fate with something else. Whichever sweeps my way, and found its connection. We shouldn't be limiting ourselves, or should we? If so, then what is life all about. 

One of my favourite pass time, is to discover new works of others, read their interviews, get to know the artists a little better through their language.  I got a magazine - Musotree, during one of the weekend, and discovered freundevonfreunden. I love their contents. As I was scrolling, I found an interview with Katie Scott. She is an anatomical artist. What interest me were her works in botanical art. Read full interview here.

“Plants don’t have to be lovely. I want show the darker side of plants and give them that richness of personality.”
-Katie Scott

 After reading up, I was inspired to create a duller and muted color palette. I have used the word rustic way too many times. I gotta start thesaurus-ing to find a new word. 

 The Green Terrarium

We used a mix of succulents and cactus as the main elements for this design. We added some toasted pistachio and rock chocolates for some "terrarium" factor. For some colors, we piped some roses to fill up the spaces, to create a full wreath.

The cake is currently available in 6", 7", 8" on our online website.

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 Next up, we got THE BOTANIC

The design of THE BOTANIC is inspired by the colors of dried bouquets. We used muave as our base color tone, before we mixed in any colors to pipe our blooms. 

The cake is currently available in 6", 7", 8" on our online website. 

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That's about it from me today! 
Be brave, and live your life!:) Make good use of it!

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