Yes! Grey is back!
We know how sometimes dealing with a dull color palette can be a tough note to hit. 

So let's not get caught up with the oh-nos!, and work with the OH YES (with a big smile)!

Last weekend, we had an order from a young lady to custom design her desserts from cakes to macarons to cookies to cupcakes, playing around with the primary colors of pink and grey!

We love colors, and we love working around them. 
However, there are times we get a little stuck, because not all colors can come well together. 
We were working a variety of desserts, but we didn't want all of them to look the same design. We wanted to give each dessert a fresh approach to the colors given. 

Working with grey alone, like a grey cement covered cake, its easier to work with colors. However dealing with a naked cake, you may pause and ponder, "How am I going to work the colors here?"
Grey, its a neutral dull tone. You can work a lighter tone of grey for a softer touch. A light grey complements with colors well. A darker tone, may not be that of an all rounder (we will touch on that in our next post). 

For a full naked cake, we worked with a pastel pink and light grey white chocolate drip. We marble-lized the color by NOT mixing it too much before pouring over a *chilled cake. 

*Its important your cake is chilled for dripping your chocolate. It reduced mess and hold your chocolate well on the sides. 

So when it comes to decorating your cake, work with some whites to give depth in between your primary colors. A touch of bold colors like red or navy blue, helps give your visual a good balance. 
As for our macarons, we made a pink grey tone for the shells. We used Ameri Color gel for painting. The colors used here- black, white, avocado green and dusty pink. If you wish to add some highlights to your painting, you can add metallic colors like gold or bronze. Over here, we painted some random leaves in bronze.

And oh yes the cupcakes! They are so cute! The look and feel we wanted to achieve is rustic. The color palette gave a very sandy feel. We took the 2 concepts , and we thought "why not add some cactus in!" Light grey, pastel pink and army green works!

We covered our cupcakes with a thin layer of cream before dipping them in cookie crumbs on the sides to represent sand!
We piped all the flowers and cactus on a tray and let it chill. Because we wanted to arrange them closely together, we didn't wanted to pipe them straight on the cupcakes. Reason being, it has a higher chance of making mistakes when arranging them (all the buttercream smudges). 
So once the flowers are chilled, we placed them closely together, and tadah! THEY LOOK FAB!

On the same weekend, we had another pink grey color to work on , but this time round the request was bolder. It was a 2 tier, the base is a rich purple and blue tone with our colorful acrylic painting, and the top pink and grey.

TIP 1: When dealing with too much bold colors, try to work with a lighter tone to balance your palette.

Initially, for our top tier, we created a distinct separation of colors with grey on the bottom and pink on top. The colors didn't blend well overall. 

So we scrape it off, tone down the colors by a notch but this time round we spread it differently. Read tip 2.

Tip 2: Cover your cake in white first, and add a thin layer of colors over. By doing so, it allows the colors to blend together giving it an ombre effect rather than just 2 separate colors. 

It ain't that hard to incorporate some shades of grey to your cake eh!

And ONE LAST THING! We got an announcement to share!

You can read post here on our previous workshop!
If you got no experience in floral piping, we would encourage to take up this course. Its a 3.5 hours course. You get to learn how to use our floral wave tip to pipe intricate flowers on cupcakes!
For more details and sign up, click here.

 Next, we got our 2- DAYS (26th and 27th) UNICORN CAKE WORKSHOP. For this workshop, its split into 2 days. Its an intensive workshop. You will learn how to pipe all types of roses, blossoms and scabiosa on your first day. You will get to work with cupcakes and how to arrange your buttercream flowers on it. Lastly, we will be covering on fondant & gumpaste and the how-tos to create the ears, horn and eyes for your cake.

For the second day, we will touch on cake covering with buttercream, and guiding you step by step on how to create smooth and perfect edge for your cakes!

For details and sign up, click here.

So what's going on in July!
There won't be any workshops held in July. But we will be holding our first CAKE TALK on the 25th JULY (Tuesday), at night 7 to 8:30pm.

So what is CAKE TALK all about!
 During the Cake Talk, our cake instructor will be doing a live demonstration on creating a floral garden cake (shown above). You will get to see live on what tools and coloring our instructor uses. If you are interested to see how our cakes come to live, and you are curious about cake decorating, come sit in with us. We will be sharing our insights and cake trends through our sharing, and we welcome questions. Drinks and desserts are available. And on top of that, you will bring back a box of handmade goodies from us too!

Is this for me?
Its for anyone!
Want to see if you are eligible?
1. If you are inquisitive and would like to find out more before signing up for our workshop, come join us!
2. If you are getting married soon or celebrating a birthday, and would like to know more about cakes and desserts, we will be there to help!
3. If you just want to get inspiration, hey, we welcome you too!

What are the perks?
For those who sign up with our cake talk, you will get a 10% VOUCHER CODE to enjoy 10% OFF our WORKSHOPS/ CUSTOM CAKES. 
*Please note voucher is for one time, per item use.
Just click here

They will all be held at Funan Showsuite located at High Street! Psst! Follow them on their IG @funansg for more fun and workshops too!

We are done for today! Till we see you with more cakes again!

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